5 Types & what they are about    
4(for)Kids IDifficult Situations Bag:   
Has 6 different project (but one bag) let me tell you how.
How was 4 KIDS Bag designed:
It was designed, by a, Karen & Frank of 4 KIDS Charity, the children call him by Santa Frank ( also Santa for All Children, CASA shelter, & help a military base correct toys ) &4 great local Police Officers’. Two of these Police officers are no long with us. One was killed in the line of duty. Second one died from accident at home. The one third is retired. And the fourth from another state (down on a visit & a friend of the Kolbaba’s) is working still work as a Police Officer. Who just came back from Afghanistan. These Police Officers’ that we are talking about help kids from all walks of life. They are Heroes, who help their community in any way they can. 
   1. Law Enforcement, Fire And Other Emergency/Responder Bag:



2. Spouse Abused Shelter:

One of the local shelter is CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse) is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping domestic violence and its inter generational effects on children. CASA serves over 350 men, women and children a When children must face this crisis alone.

   3 School Supplies  4 KIDS Backpack/ Bag:
   4.    Mission Our Little Heroes

4 KIDS Bags project called: “Mission Our Little Heroes”.  It’s not easy being a kid whose mom or dad is deployed overseas to a combat zone. It can be confusing and lonely, and sometimes, downright scary.
That's why a Florida-based nonprofit called 4 KIDS Charity wants to put into every affected military child's hands that quint essentially American yet internationally understood symbol of comfort and friendship: the teddy bear. “Mission Our Little Heroes.” the labor of love of was started by the founders of 4 KIDS Charity granddaughter name Paige. ” She knows how they felt, at one time she was one of these kids”. She correct & donated teddy bears to military children of deployed service members.We need to recognize that our soldier’s children are also feeling the repercussions of this war. We also need to support these military families and the sacrifice they are making for our freedom. For the service family, they may only have a few weeks together before Mommy or Daddy leaves again for an extended period of time. When a soldier is deployed his/her whole family is affected. Teddy Bears has been enlisted and can help these children find their voice and talk about their feelings.“Mission Our Little Heroes.” can even make it easier for Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, to start the difficult conversation by using the little emotion helpers, the faces of a child’s emotions.Also we will giving a 4 KIDS Bag to every military kid on their birthday or if a child needs it. Mission Our Little Heroes" We need nice Teddy Bears, Sport Bags ,Tote Bags  or Backpacks.