4 KIDS Bag:


Program "4 KIDS Bags"first the name{4-{for} K-{kids} I-(in} D-{Difficult} S-{Situation)}

  Our organization also enjoys partnering with other organizations that care about families. I would like to tell you about a project we need HELP with called4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations Bags. The ideawas designed by, Karen & Frank of4 KIDS Charity, (the children call him by Santa Frank), and CASA shelter & 4 great local Police Officers. Two of these Police officers are no longer with us. One was killed in the line of duty. The second one died from an accident at home. The third is now retired, and the fourth from another state is currently working as a Police Officer and just returned from active duty in Afghanistan. These Police Officers help kids from all walks of life. They are Heroes who help their community in any way they can.

 Our goal: 

4 (for) Kids In Difficult Situations Charity would like to collect enough bags for the kids that are in need of them. 4 KIDS Bags project of 4 KIDS Charity Foundation collects donations to assist and support the mental well-being and comfort for children during stressful transitions. We filled the bags with things the children need, things to cuddle, things to hold on to so they know someone cares, and things they can use to help take care of themselves. Such items can mean everything to a child that is need. We provide hope, dreams, fun, enjoyment, and give children a sense of pride. Also, the program provides essential items to needy families so that they can become more self-sufficient and in turn help to improve their children's lives. We also help disadvantaged people to achieve a more independent future for those who have been poverty struck with economic difficulties and more.  There is 4 Types of 4 KIDS Bag:

Family service centers & other agency are so enthusiastic about the program. They have requested another 4,500 (4 KIDS) Bags with teddy bears. Due to high demands we are to the point where we are flat-out of everything for the 4 KIDS bags.