About 4 KIDS Charity project “ Fill Santa Sleight”
As the holiday season begins to draw near, you can be sure that your local 4 KIDS Charity project
“ Fill Santa Sleight” is gearing up and underway for this year’s campaign. Since 2001 Santa Frank and
4 KIDS Charity have been making Holiday wishes come true for needy children.

4 KIDS Charity in Pinellas County makes a difference in the lives of the less fortunate children of our community. This year we expect the need to be greater than last, and we are asking you to help.

Toys for middle age kids we had no toy for a middle age kids we have 100 middle school with no toy.
The local 4 KIDS Charity team works very hard to make project “ Fill Santa Sleight” a success, but we could never do it without the help of concerned citizens and business leaders. We rely on local businesses for assistance in a number of areas, including:

Providing toy drive /collection sites

Assisting in the transportation and storage of toys- We need a 10 X 15 to 10 x 20

Helping to promote 4 KIDS Charity in the media

Underwriting special events

For the many volunteers who make project “Fill Santa Sleight” possible year after year, 4 KIDS Charity embodies the true spirit of Christmas. The gift of a shiny new toy – something that most children take for granted – means to a needy child that someone cares, that he/she hasn’t been forgotten that, Christmas hasn’t passed him/her by.

The goal of 4 KIDS Charity project “ Fill Santa Sleight” is Santa Sleight” is that Every Child deserves a Little Christmas,” and we are asking you to help us send the needy children of our area a massage of hope this Christmas through the gift of a new toy.