Community Action Stops Abuse
June 4, 2011
To Whom It May Concern:
CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse) is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping domestic violence and its intergenerational effects on children.CASA serves over 350 men, women and children a year who have had to leave their homes due to domestic violence.
As your advocates for CASA one of our goals is to allow these children to be children. Some of these little individuals have never been able to do this before. The kids in our shelter usually come in with little more than a backpack of clothes. They can't even think about toys, presents or extracurricular activities Hopefully, our children would feel as proud, loved and cared about, as they should, from receiving presents during the holidays and knowing that there are others out in the world that care about them.
Last year the children living at the CASA shelter during the Christmas holidays were thrilled when Santa came with bags of toys for everyone. One child had cried when she and her mother came to the shelter for safety the week before Christmas.  “How will Santa find me if I’m not at home?” she asked. Imagine her surprise and joy when a real flesh and blood Santa came to the shelter!  She saw first hand that no-one was forgotten, no matter where they came from.Another girl, all grown up, who is now a Santa’s helper, told us that her Christmas at the shelter when she was 11 years old was one of the happiest she remembers. She still has a book that was given to her then.
The children thoroughly appreciate your generosity.  Once again, thank you very much.