Frequently Asked Questions
What is 4 KIDS Bags ?
  4 KIDS Bags ( 4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations Bag) The project of 4 KIDS Charity Foundation collects donations to assist and support the mental well-being and comfort for children during stressful transitions from police stations, shelters (abused & homeless­ ) children’s services offices and Foster care agencies Filled with things they need, things to cuddle, things to hold on to, and know someone cares. 4 KIDS Bags help these children know & begin to have has merged with spouse abused shelter, children abused shelter, Kids Cafe, homeless shelter, Police & Sheriff Department, & other nonprofit organization in how  50 states  USA  4 KID’S Charity also joined this organization so that we can continue the important work of caring for those who are less fortunate.

 Many of our children suffer the effects of poverty every day going without, food & love. These children continuously knowing that luxuries like new toys or clothes are simply not available to them Let’s show abused, abandoned, and neglected children they are not part of America’s forgotten tragedy by giving them things they can call their own.
   * How can I Help: 

  *Can my daughter do this as a project for school?  
Make it a great project for:  1.Any individual, of any age, who has a sincere desire to help children :It is a perfect service project for schools ;Youth groups, 4-H Clubs, Girl/Boy Scout Troops Service organizations, church or religious groups ;Senior citizen programs, sewers, etc. if have any question call or email with your name & phone # to 727-586-0840 or kidscharity@ msn.com.

 *Donate a Bag: We give new or gently used backpacks, duffle bags, tote bags and diaper bags of all colors and sizes to needy children every day. Collect bags!  Or    Collect supplies sample list

*Do you accept used blankets? No. Project 4 KIDS Bag accepts only new baby blankets for sanitary reasons.

Do you accept used stuffed animals and books? Yes. Project 4 KIDS Bag appreciates “like new condition” books and stuffed animals. Please visit our website for more information. All donated items should be top quality ("good enough for your own child").

**Do we accept home made Blankets? Yes. Project 4 KIDS Bag is happy to receive handmade items .Approximate Finished Sizes:* Child 45x 58” with 4” fringe on each side ( 1 1/4 yard of fabric )* Teen 54” x 58” with 4” fringe on each side ( 1 1/2 yard of fabric ) we have “No Sew” Fleece Blanket Instructions email kidscharity@msn.com subject blanket Ins.

Yes. Project 4 KIDS Bag is happy to receive handmade items! There is nothing more special than item that was made with care especially for a child.

What are the size requirements for the stuffed animals?

The stuffed animals should be no larger than 18” in order to properly fit inside our tote bag. The ideal stuffed animals would be “snuggle sizes”. Please save tiny stuffed animals for “bonus” items to make the totes extra special. Are there any other restrictions?
Please no Beanie Babies or similar tiny friends. No books or stuffed animals with battery compartments. No stuffed animals that make noises -- such as singing, reciting prayers, etc. No commemorative stuffed animals with years sewn on them.

How much should I spend on the contents of a 4 KIDS Bag Packages?

This is absolutely up to you! If you have new and like-new items in your home, you are welcome to use them. If you prefer to purchase your items new, shop wisely to get the most “bang for your buck!

Can Project 4 KIDS Bag find the shelter for me in the area we live in? We have shelter, police stations, and other crisis center in 50 states

D. Financial Donations

Credit cards are accepted on the website, www.4kidscharity.org
Checks may be made payable to “4 KIDS Charity for Project 4 KIDS Bag” and mailed to:

4 KID’S Charity for Project4 KIDS Bag Phone 727-586-0840
137-7th Ave.S.E. Ste.B,
Largo, FL 33771