How Can You Help- 4 KIDS BAG


Corporations, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers:

Corporations and Community Organizations Businesses and community service groups large and small have often been among our Foundation’s most generous supporters. Here’s how your company, club or organization can help put smiles back on the faces of some very deserving kid.

  • Provide corporate funding to help underwrite program and shipping costs.
  • Add our Foundation to your Employee Matching Grant or Employee Contribution program.
  • To arrange a corporate donation, please call our office directly at 727-586-0840 or email kidscharity@msn.com (subject-Club or Corporation donation) or what the subject.
  • Any individual of any age who has a sincere desire to help children:
  • It is a perfect service project for schools:
  • Youth groups, 4-H Clubs, Girl/Boy Scout Troops:
  • Service organizations, church or religious groups:


Can one person make a difference? Yes! Don’t want to do it alone? Enlist family and friends to help!
You can:

  • Make blankets, or host a blanket-making party.
  • Make and collect hygiene Bags
  • Collect new items for children (from infants to teens) from family, friends and neighbors
  • Donate crucial funding for the 4 KIDS Bags (project of 4 KIDS Charity):
    • Make an online donation; Send a check to 4 KIDS Charity -% of Kolbaba-
    • Organize a fundraising drive at your workplace, school or place of worship.
  • Spread the word to family and friends. “Like” us on Facebook, “Follow” on Twitter or send an old fashioned email telling your family and friends about what we do!

All donations are gratefully appreciated and can be sent to the address below.

  • Provide corporate funding to help underwrite program and shipping costs.
  • Sponsors event/or project/or a part of program. To arrange please call our office directly at 727-586-0840 or email kidscharity@msn.com (subject-Sponsor- donation) or what the subject.

Donate items to fill 4 KIDS Bags:

(Email us at kidscharity@msn.com for a list of items we especially need). For the safety of the recipients, all items must be new, no glass or food items allowed.

Ways to do this:

  1. Buy a few new items and send them to us. Even donating one thing will make a difference to one child!
  2. Have a party (for your birthday, holiday, special event, or just for fun!) and invite your friends to come and to bring along new items to donate to us. Then ship them to us and we’ll include them in 4 KIDS Bags for needy kids. Sample list:
  3. Donate new items you may have that you don’t need (wrapped Happy Meal toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste or dental floss from your dentist, shampoo from hotels, extra presents you don’t need, etc!)

Organize others to volunteer:

Ways to do this:

  1. Tell your friends about 4 KIDS Bags and brainstorm about ways you could help!
  2. Get your school, religious group, youth group, business or neighborhoods involved in your plan! For instance, have a “4 KIDS Bags Collection Drive”, get volunteers to sew for us, or ask others to help us in some way!
  3. Email us at kidscharity@msn.com and tell us about your plan!

Volunteer your time:

Ways to do this:

  1. If you live near our headquarters, volunteer by coming to help us sort items or fill some bags.
  2. Go shopping and buy items kids need. Then donate them to 4 KIDS Charity for 4 KIDS Bags program.
  3. Sew items that kids would enjoy and send them to us.
  4. Organize others to help us!
  5. Start a project of your own!
  6. Even if you can’t help us, volunteer for another organization and/or find a way of your own to make a difference in the life of a child. Then encourage others to do the same! Your life, and the lives of others, will be richer for it!

    All items and monetary donations are tax deductible and should be sent to:

    4 KIDS Charity
    (Note for 4 KIDS Bag)
    C/O Frank Kolbaba
    137-7th Ave. S.E. –Suite B
    Largo, FL. 33771