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Mission Our Little Heroes and Operation We Care 

" Mission Our Little Heroes"

4 KIDS bags project is called:Mission Our Little Heroes”. It’s not easy being a kid whose mom or dad is deployed overseas to a combat zone. It can be confusing and lonely, and sometimes, downright scary. That's why a Florida-based nonprofit called 4 KIDS Charity wants to put into every affected military child's hands that quint essentially American yet internationally understood symbol of comfort and friendship, a teddy bear. “Mission Our Little Heroes” is a labor of love project started by the founders of 4 KIDS Charity’s granddaughter, Paige. ” She understands exactly how they felt because she was one of these kids. Paige collected & donated teddy bears to military children of deployed service members. 4 KIDS Charity recognized that our soldier’s children are also feeling the repercussions of this war and wanted to support these military families for the sacrifice they are making to maintain our freedom. For the service family, they may only have a few weeks together before Mommy or Daddy leaves again for an extended period of time. When a soldier is deployed his/her whole family is affected. Teddy Bears have been enlisted and can help these children find their voice and talk about their feelings. “Mission Our Little Heroes.” can even make it easier for Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa to start the difficult conversation by using the little emotion helpers.
  ‘Mission Our Little Heroes Bag’{4 KIDS Bags} the bags are stuffed with supplies such as: stuffed animals (Teddy Bears), paper, coloring books/crayons, small toys and jar of bubbles, to name few items Also we these bags children are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, and to military children grieving the death of a loved one serving in our Armed Forces.
WE NEED HELPWe need new teddy bears, red color sport bags, or backpacks with no logo or writing on them Our supplies are low and we would love to continue this wonderful project.Please call us 727-586-0840


 Santa Frank CEO of 4 KIDS Charity menber of a group of Santa's in FL.
Operation We Care    Group of Santas in FL. and 4 KID’S Charity join together in January to send Care Packages to our troops deployed outside of the USA in an effort to send support, snacks and much needed personal care items and we encourage citizens to support their fighting men and women deployed overseas in these dangerous times. The most frequent response we get from the "boots on the ground" is that receiving mail from the home front is a huge morale boost! The men and women of our military make sacrifices every day to keep America safe and together we can make sure they are not forgotten and we need to show are support.

We must show them our gratitude and make sure they know we will never forget the sacrifices they have made for us while fighting to protect America.


 The Santa group are in the state of Florida. This group purpose  of "SANDIE" Santa’s is to bring together those special and principled gentlemen who carry on the history and traditions of Santa Claus; to act as a catalyst and gathering place where members can share, educate, and perpetuate the spirit of love and giving.Goal is to provide its members with the necessary resources that allow them to further define and improve their individual presentations in the tradition of Santa Claus. Also this group of Santa  volunteer their time to children with a chronic pediatric illness, children under Hospice Care, children with Autism.

·         4 KID’S Charity is a 501(C)(3) Non-profit.Our mission is to support children who face wide range of special needs, children in crises, Military families and children ,kids in abusive situations: including children in domestic violence, mental health, distressed, substance abuse and poverty stricken. We help the kids “ONE KID AT A TIME”.
 4 KID’S charity's mission can mean everything to a child in need, who is homeless, or in any other type of crises situation. We provide hope, dreams, fun, enjoyment, and most important we give a child a sense of pride.4 KIDS Charity provides essential items to needy families so that they can become more self-sufficient and in turn help to improve their children's lives. We also help disadvantaged people to achieve a more independent future. Our ultimate aim is providing programs and resources that strengthen American families of all kinds. We believe that all children, regardless of financial status, race, religion, or nationality are deserving of those things which can help give them a happier and more fulfilling life. 

             Take time today to help us send & put packages together. If you don't have a family member deployed overseas, we do have the address of someone who is serving in the front lines. All Items must be new and original sealed packages. Homemade food items cannot be accepted at this time [and no out of date food]. PLEASE SHOW Support To Our Troops. Here is an up to date list of what they need. For this project we need your help to continue the much needed support of our brave men and women who sacrifice so much to keep us safe and free! Until they all come home. 4 KID’S Charity or Santa Frank. Telephone for information office 727-586-0840 or Karen’s cell 727-417-9031; All money donations to 4 KID’S Charity is 100% tax deductible.


4 KID’S Charity operates all year round and relies solely on volunteers to accomplish its mission. There are NO PAID EMPLOYEES at 4 KID’S Charity so that way more of the funds contributed goes directly towards helping needy and homeless children and their families.