4 KID'S Bag /Backpack Fill With School Supplies

With your help, 4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations Bags will help equip over 3,800 children and youth with school supplies for the upcoming school year. The following is a general list of supplies project is requesting through Project 4 KIDS School Bags. While all of the following supplies are needed, Project4 KIDS School Bags typically runs low on donations of index note cards, highlighters, protractors, kindergarten writing tablets, beginner pencils, facial tissue, binders, loose-leaf paper, pencil boxes, and graphing paper.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average family spends approximately $98 on school supplies. For a family already struggling financially, the expense of adequately preparing children for the start of the school year can be a heavy burden. Help support 4 KIDS Charity Project 4 KIDS School Bags (School Supply) Drive with a financial contribution. Your gift will be used to support Project 4 KIDS School Bags including purchasing additional backpacks,& school supplies". Is for families & 4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations.  
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Supplies Drive in July –August  (17” back Pack –Teens Back pack or book bag)
School Supplies Drive:
4 KID’S Charity is gathering backpacks and back-to-school supplies for children who come from low-income families & children that in need...4 KID’S Charity project call 4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations Bag ( 4 KIDS) School Supplies Bag will have all the supplies needed to start the school year completely equipped and ready to succeed.
4 KID’S Charity goal is that each child who receives a backpack with school supplies. To reach this goal we have partnered with local police department & business owners to get the needed school supply ensuring that the needy children receive age-appropriate materials. We distributed to needy children in this past year but they will need more. (Last year we correct enough supplies to last them untill March of this year).

School Supply List of Needs
Each Backpack or book bag


2 #2 Pencils

1 3-Ring Binder

2 200-Ct College Rule Paper 1 Box Color Pencils

1 Box Facial Tissue

2 Pens

2 College Rule Spiral Notebooks 5 Pocket Folders

1 Pink Eraser

1 Ruler

1 Index Notecards 1 Highlighter

1 Glue Stick

1 Protractor

1 Graphing Paper

If you would like to help
Help Us With School Surplies

Helps Homeless Children; 4 KIDS Charity Project 4 KIDS Bag

Most people wouldn’t think twice about having soap, shampoo, or toothpaste in the house, but for some- over 900 homeless students in the , The national Center on Family Homelessness released a report today ranking Florida 43rd out of 50 among states for child homelessness, 50th being the worst. The rankings reflect evaluation on the extent of child homelessness in the state as well as risk factors, state policy planning efforts to combat child homelessness and overall "child well-being."

How Was It Started:

The project which was started by Karen at first 4 KIDS Charity when she got a phone call for help over 4yrs. years ago. She hopes to make it a community effort. It aims to provide homeless children living in motel, shelters, make-shift quarters or children below poverty lever (work with school teacher, or Counselor’s) with totes filled with basic hygiene products like paper towels, deodorant, soap, shampoo and other basic necessities for children.

How To HELP:

We are looking for group enlists volunteers who can help provide fabric for the bags .Or anyone or group to sew them together, or who can contribute supplies for filling the bags or handmade cloth totes. According to project chairwoman, Karen (which try to find a volunteers for this project.

1st 4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations Bags

2nd project is hygiene bag,

3rd project Bag/Backpack Filled With School Supplies .

4 KIDS Charity we are expect to deliver the bags to the school, police, or of the many agencies and volunteers who work diligently to help those children living on the streets or in shelters, camps, motels and their cars counselor’s by middle of August. School coordinator, says over 200 bags were distributed to needy children in this past year but they will need more[500 bags]. “The bag itself is valuable”, Karen says, “As it is a way to carry and store supplies. Our first priority is to keep homeless children in school and the 4 KIDS Bags help.For more information about how to make the bags, to obtain a list of needed supplies, or to know how to help in other ways, contact project chairwoman Karen Kolbaba at 727- 586-0840.

The Challenge:

In low-income districts, school supplies are a luxury that many classrooms go without. A few months into the school year, teachers are presented with a small paper bag of limited, mismatched school supplies and are told to "make do." Often, they must purchase the supplies needed to run the classroom out of their already meager paychecks. In fact, teachers spend an average of $659 out-of-pocket on school supplies every single year. When they don't have the money, teachers must choose between giving their students an inferior education and taking more drastic measures. More than one frustrated teacher has been found spending hours at the copy machine, running off thousands of pages of illegal black and white copies so that their students can read a book.

Kids deserve better than that. They deserve to have access to the school supplies needed to learn. They should be surrounded by good books, convenient supplies, and the materials necessary to conduct projects and experiments. Students who aren't given the necessary' school supplies (such as an up-to-date math book, a working calculator, and plenty of paper) can become frustrated and have a difficult time in class. Readily available school supplies let students and teachers focus on what's really important:

LEARNING. You can help kids have a better education by donating school supplies to a classroom in need. In just a couple hours, you can make a difference and will probably even find donate-able school supplies sitting unused in your own home.

 Support Project 4 KIDS School Bags With a Financial Contribution.

The 4 KID'S Charity is even going to accept cash donations if you don't feel like purchasing the actual supplies. Not to worry -100% of your donation goes into the school supply program. And, something I think is great; all donations made in your area go directly to needy school children in your local community.

4 KIDS School Supplies is a charitable program funded and administered by 4 KID'S Charity Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit IRS-recognized 501(c) (3) public charity. See our Help Us Page for information on donating at Help Us With School Supplies

Questions?, Concerns?, Advice?

Send an e-mail to kidscharity@msn.com or call 727-586-0840 and let us know your thoughts or questions.